Don't panic if you lost a valuable item down the drain, it's the worst feeling but that happens all the time. Most probably you can retrieve the object from the top down, but if you can't take it then getting back the items will require disassembling some of the plumbing below the sink. As soon as you lose the object, turn the water off, if you don't stop the water it's gonna be a tedious task to retrieve.

Check out the top five ways to get back the lost items out of your drains below.

Use a Shower Stopper

This is the easiest way to get items from the drain. It's good to place the drain guard/stopper in your kitchen sink and bathroom drains. It's not a big thing to install a drain guard permanently in your sink, so do it. For bathrooms, use a net catcher which will be easy to take out and clean.

Get a Magnet

For retrieving metal items down your drains, a magnet will be the right tool to pull them out. Just insert a small magnet on a string, or use a flexible rod. Lower the magnet slowly, if done faster there are chances for the lost item to go even further down. Use a stronger magnet for taking jewelry or other valuables.

Use a Four-Pronged Tool

If you can't go down and drain, just use a four-prolonged tool which is a claw-like appliance that helps the people to extract the items that can't be taken by hands. It's a long, flexible rod with spring-loaded prongs on the end. Use a flashlight to detect the items in the drain because you'll feel hard to know when you've grabbed the item using this appliance.

Remove the P-Trap

If the missed item is not retrieved using the magnet or a stopper, then move to the next process which is removing P-trap. A P-trap is a well bent, p-shaped pipe under the sink which creates a seal to prevent leakages into your house. Wear gloves and place a bucket down to your sink to catch the excess water. Carefully remove the P-trap by unscrewing the slip nuts. If you didn't find the item ay, try searching through the waste in the P-trap. It may have become tangled or lost within the debris.

Call a plumber

If it's impossible to find a lost item yourself, then you could cause even more damage to plumbing fixtures. If all the above ideas fail in your case, call a professional plumber.

Retrieving the lost items dropped to the bottom of the drain will be a daunting task, however. But you can call a plumber and get it back, no worries!

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